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An Interactive History of SoHum Health

The beginning
The beginning

Dr. Leland Loewen and wife Elvira begin seeing patients in a motel room at the White Motel in Garberville.

A new home
A new home

Dr. Loewen builds his home on Elm Street and adds a medical center with the emergency room facing Conger Street. Patients are kept overnight on occasion rather than making the long trip to Scotia Hospital via the Avenue of the Giants.

6 new beds
6 new beds

Work begins on a 6 bed hospital to be attached to the medical center.

Getting down to business

Dr. Loewen hires Roy Schmonk as clinic business administrator.

Building the future

Dr. Jerold Phelps joins practice with Dr. Loewen.

A new name

Dr. Loewen returns to training to become an orthopedic surgeon and sells the Garberville General Hospital to Dr. J. Phelps and R. Schmunk. The hospital name is changed to Southern Humboldt Community Hospital.

Adding more capacity

Dr. Jack Pearson joins the medical staff.

Expansion and growth

Construction begins on a new addition to the hospital financed with money from the community and a small business loan.

New services
New services

New hospital addition opens, adding surgery and obstetrics suites.

Expanding the medical team

Dr. Bill Hunter joins the medical staff.

Vote approved!

Voters approve a $1.35 million revenue bond to create a Hospital District.

A new name

Hospital officially becomes the Southern Humboldt Community Hospital District.

Like father like son

Dr. Mark Phelps joins his father and Dr. Robert Whitaker as practitioners at the Garberville Medical Center.

Changes and remodeling

Birthing room is added, and the emergency room is remodeled.

Community approval

Voters approve a parcel assessment tax to help improve the financial stability of the hospital.

Another new team member

Dr. Huang joins the medical staff.

A new initiaitve

The swing-bed program for short term convalescent care and rehabilitation is initiated.

Mammography is here

Mammography service is begun at the hospital.

The team grows yet again

Dr. Ron Hood joins the medical staff.

Skilled nursing launched

State approves addition of an 8 bed distinct-part skilled nursing facility.

Partnering for the future

Hospital District enters into ECH/PCH grant program with St. Joseph’s Hospital in Fortuna.

The evolving District

Hospital assumes management to Southern Humboldt Community Clinic. State changes Hospital District name to Healthcare District. Dr. Mark Tong joins the medical staff.

Honoring the past
Honoring the past

Healthcare District governing board honors Dr. Jerold Phelps by renaming the district hospital as the Jerold E. Phelps Community Hospital.