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Medical records

Release of Information

Charges for copying records

SHCHD acknowledges that every patient has the right to request access to their Protected Health Information (PHI). Upon receipt of a signed Authorization for Disclosure, we will make every effort to provide access in a timely and efficient manner according to state and federal law. We would appreciate a minimum of 24 hours to locate your records and process your request. In some cases it may take up to fifteen days to provide copies, depending on the current location of your records and/or volume of requests.

HIPPA and California state laws allow providers to charge a reasonable, cost based fee for providing copies, including the costs of copying (including supplies and labor), and postage (if information is mailed). If records are requested by parties other than the patient, additional clerical time preparing and locating the records may be included in the fee. Please refer to our fee schedule below.

  • Records requested for continued care will be provided to another healthcare provider at no cost.
  • Patients requesting photocopies for personal use will receive the first 10 pages at no charge; additional pages may cost 25 cents per page. If records are mailed, postage reimbursement may be requested.
  • Third party requests (i.e. attorneys, insurance companies if not requested to authorize payment) will be required to reimburse clerical time ($4.00 per ¼ hour,) 10 cents a page, and postage if applicable.
  • In response to subpoenas, the party issuing the subpoena will be asked to pay “reasonable costs” as defined in Evidence Code Section 1563. Clerical costs will be charged at $6.00 per ¼ hour, 10 cents per page, plus postage.
  • Other “reasonable” charges may be requested for services such as inspection of medical records, providing a summary, or reproducing X-rays or EKG tracings, etc.

Resources: California Hospital Association Consent Manual, HIPAA, California Health and Safety Codes