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Linda Candiotti, PA-C

Linda Candiotti is a certified Physician Assistant who serves in the Clinic. She started college at UC Berkeley, then moved to Humboldt and received a BA in Zoology from HSU. She worked for several years as an Animal Health Technician, then became interested in the PA Program and worked at various positions at RRHC to get more medical experience with humans. She went on to attend the Stanford Primary Care Associate Program and became a Physician Assistant. She’s been working locally as a PA for the past 32+ years. Linda enjoys this profession immensely and has loved being able to go through life with her patients, many of whom are her friends. Linda has lived in Southern Humboldt since 1981. She and her husband live on a rural property where they raised their two kids, both of whom are now finishing college. Linda feels blessed to live and work in such a beautiful area and community. She enjoys doing yoga, hiking, gardening, swimming and kayaking in our local rivers, and enjoying the local wildlife.