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Radiology & Mammography

Radiology services are available 24 hours a day seven days a week through the Emergency department as well as on an outpatient basis either through the clinic or upon presentation of an order from a provider-patient relationship during business hours.

CT Scans

GE EVO 770 CT Scanner

As of March 2018, our CT Scanner was recently installed in the new modular building adjacent to the Emergency Department entrance.

A CT scan can be used to visualize nearly all parts of the body. It can quickly examine people who may have internal injuries from car accidents or other types of trauma. It can determine whether a patient has had a stroke, and if so, what type it was, so that appropriate medication can be given as soon as possible to minimize brain damage without risk of hemorrhage.

CT Scans are now available: for more information, please call us at the number below.


Our mammography suite features state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained staff, and is geared to meet the needs of all women obtaining their annual mammogram: high quality, fast, comfortable, timely, and close to home.

The full-field, digital mammography equipment in the mammography suite provides improved images because of its high sensitivity. In addition, the images are “direct capture” which means they can be processed on-site, viewed immediately, and sent directly to the radiologist for review.

Telephone directory

Dial (707) 923-3921, followed by the appropriate extension number:

  • Operator ext. 249
  • Radiology & Mammography ext. 240