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Major Insurers

Because insurance can now be purchased many different ways (through an employer, through an exchange, individually, through a government program), there may be one insurance company that has several different types of plans. We may contract with some of those plans, none of those plans, or all of those plans.  This may change rapidly because an employer, insurance company or individual makes a change in any given month.

We will bill any insurance company as a courtesy to the patient if we’re given all the information that is required to bill.  This does not mean that we actually have a contract with the insurance company. The following is a list of the major insurers we are currently contracted with, but is not all inclusive. You should check with your insurance company to determine if they are contracted with our hospital or clinic.

  • Partnership Health Plan
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield CA
  • Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Humboldt Del Norte
  • Medicare
  • Tricare/Champus
  • Medi-Cal
  • Medi-Cal SOFP
  • Medi-Cal CHD
Insurance terms

Multiple statements

You may get more than one statement for the services you receive because we have to meet federal, state, and insurance billing regulations. Because of these same regulations, each time you visit our facility, we must give you a new billing account number, even though your medical record number remains the same. This can result in multiple, separate billings for a single date of service. It can also lead to more than one explanation of benefits from your payer and more than one statement. Common examples include:

  • Inpatient hospital care plus the physician who saw you in the hospital
  • Outpatient X-ray exams plus the radiologist services
  • Emergency department treatment plus the emergency physician’s services
  • A doctor’s office visit plus lab or x-ray service

Financial assistance

We work with all of our patients and with community partners to meet our patients’ healthcare needs regarding payment plans, reduced payment plans, financial assistance and financial relief.

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Help us serve you better

We welcome your help and your communication. Working together, we can keep the billing process as simple as possible for you. To help us do a better job, please:

  • Tell us about your health insurance or coverage by government programs, such as Medicare, when you register for services.
  • Become familiar with your insurance benefits, so you will understand how much of your expenses will be covered by insurance and how much you will be responsible. for. If you have questions, about your insurance coverage, please call them directly.
  • Have your co-pay ready at the time of service.
  • Pay your bill on time.
  • Let us know immediately if you expect to have trouble paying your bill.

Call your other providers about their bills if you receive separate bills for your care, such as bills you receive from surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists, and other specialists who bill you independently for their services. If you have questions about their bills, please call them directly.

Help paying your bill

SoHum Health offers Charity Care, Financial Assistance, Payment Plans, and Discounted and Extended Payment Plans for those who are eligible. For more information about this program and how to apply visit the Help Paying Your Bill page.

For other billing questions or comments, call (877) 673-0903 or drop us a line here.